New Metallic Silver Hair Color From Kenra!

Kenra Color launched a new metallic color line of 3 different level and shades of greys and silver tones recently, to enhance and create with prelightened hair. I convinced my lovely client, Alex, to let me try all three in her hair!

We did slices of 7SM back to back, with a small slice of 8SM that would fall over it. The crown of her hair we did 10SM. At the bowl, we then toned her with Kenra’s SV 5 minute flash toner. The results were so fun!

I included a picture that shows her before, blonde shade. Her hair with a flash, and her hair color with no flash in true light.

Silver hair is on trend for the Fall, carried over from the Spring. Have some fun with your hair and do a shade of grey or silver streak, or embrace the silver you might naturally have ;)

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